Commercial Roofing Systems

Cornerstone Construction is always here to help you define the correct roofing system for your property.  Finding the proper roofing material for a roof by a commercial roofing company in Greenville, SC is your first and an essential step to keeping your entire property safe and obtaining the best value for your cash.a

There are some things you have to consider when replacing a roof or selecting a new roof. While price is the common thing that many people always pay attention, other parts include the lifespan of a roof, aesthetics, the weather as well as the climate in your area, and the needed maintenance.

When it comes to getting the perfect roofing material, there're tons of types available on the market today that meet your requirements. In this post, we will explore five commercial roofing types for commercial building: 

• Thermoplastic Roofing system

TPO roofing is one of the fastest growing roofing systems. Consist of durable material with a high-temperature tolerance and a low-temperature flexibility, these roofs are resistant to ozone, ultraviolet and chemical exposure. Thermoplastic roofs are expected to get a lifespan of more than 20 years and feature a high resistance to punctures, fire, high winds, and chemicals.

• Metal Roof

Now, metal roofs are systems where standing seams, corrugated or R-panels metal panels are mechanically attached to existing structure points. This type of roof gives building designers, owners, and architects with a variety of options ranging from the metal type to many color options. As a result of its excellent strength, fire resistance, and durability, it is the rising star of the sustainable and energy-efficient building movement.

• Shingles 

There're two (2) types of shingles, slate, and asphalt. Asphalt is commonly used in residential homes. It typically lasts for up to thirty years at the maximum as it's now infused with wood fibers and fiberglass. Those who want a good looking asphalt shingles; can go for the laminated type because they will surely enjoy the wide variety of available colors and designs. Laminated type is much more durable and can even last for up to 50 years. The slate shingles can add up beauty to your establishment since it comes in a wide variety of colors too. 

• Silicone Roofing

The Silicone Roof Systems offers a “green” way of restoring your current roof. These systems either utilize a self-flashing SPF for the custom slope as well as insulation, or the roofing primer for high adhesion, quick dry and asphaltic bleed blocking. An SRC low VOC, high solids silicone coat is applied giving a one-part, moisture-curing silicone system of the coating to restore the existing roof. The SRC high solids content and the absence of hydrocarbon solvents permit the silicone to be used in 40 mils in one coat without any blistering while keeping maximum adhesion. 

• Acrylic Roof Coating

Cornerstone Construction is teamed with one of the top suppliers in the United States and especially the Greenville, South Carolina area.  This is a water-dependent solution, this type of coatings are easy to work with, cost-effective, highly reflective and will do an excellent job of fending off the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Though, these products are prone to thinning when they are more weathered and don't handle ponding water properly.  Check out one of our favorite suppliers for acrylic coatings!

No matter the type of roofing you opt for, just remember to choose a roofing type that will meet the requirement of your business. Finally, hire commercial roofers that have been in the field for years and are experienced in handling diverse types of installations.

TPO Roofing System in Greer Commercial Office Building in Greenville